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Hi, My name is Nathalie Hagman and I’m a professional handball player from Sweden.

I’m playing at the Romanian team CSM Bucuresti and also on the Swedish national team. I play right back and right wing position.

In 2018 I won the Romanian Championship, Romanian Cup and the Romanian Supercup with CSM Bucuresti

Hagman_romanian champions


My career

Nathalie Hagman is 27 years old and I am a player at the Romanian team CSM Bucuresti.

In my first season at the team we won three titles – national champions, cup winners and Super cup winner. We won bronce medals at EHF Champions League Final 4.

Hagman won three titles

Before I came to CSM Bucuresti I played one season in Nykøbing Falster Handball club.

We concluded a great season by winning gold in the Danish Championships and reaching the semi-finals of the EHF Cup.

“It was absolutely fantastic to win the Danish Championship and a perfect end to my time in Denmark”

I play both right back and right wing.

Before I came to Nykøbing Falster in 2016, I spent two seasons with Team Tvis Holstebro, where I won the bronze in the Danish Championships and the EHF Cup in 2015.

I was born in Stockholm on 19 July 1991 and have a twin sister.

I began playing both handball and football at an early age because I love being involved in sports. When I was around 13/14 years old, I chose to focus on handball.

I have played handball for the following clubs:

    BK Söder
    Skuru IK
    Lugi HF
    Team Tvis Holstebro
    Nykøbing Falster Håndbold NFH

July 1st 2017 I joined CSM Bucharest in Romania. In the first season with the team, we won the Romenian Super Cup, The Romenian Cup and the Romenian championship.

The team qualified for the Final 4 in Champions League and we got the bronce medals.

With club teams, I have won silver twice in the Swedish Championships. In addition, I have also won two gold and one silver medal as a junior player and one gold as a “girl” player.

During the period I played in Denmark, we won bronze in the Danish Championships with Team Tvis Holstebro and gold in the Danish Championships in 2017. I was also part of winning the EHF Cup in 2015 with Team Tvis Holstebro.

In 2016, I was named the player of the year in both Sweden and Denmark.

My debut on the national team was made as a 17-year old, one of its youngest players ever.

“I love winning, and score a lot of goals. However, the most important thing is the team, and I always do my utmost to make the team successful”

I was number two on the Danish top scorer list for the past two seasons, as well as number two on the top scorer list for the 2016/17 EHF Cup.

The Danish league also named me the best right back for 2016/2017.

.Nathalie Hagman

“At the Olympics in Rio in Brazil, I was chosen for the Olympic All Star team, and I was very honoured and proud of this”

Nathalie Hagman

Nathalie Hagman
Mariana Costa – brazilian international and teammate from Nykøbing Falster
Nathalie Hagman
Teammates from Nykøbing Falster and Swedish national team Johanna and Emilie Westberg

National Team

The National Team

I play on the Swedish national team, where I have to date (September 2018) played in 125 matches and scored 369 goals.

“It is a huge honour to play on the national team, and I look forward every time to fighting for a victory for my country”

With the national team, we won silver in the European Championships in 2010 and bronze in the 2014 European Championships – and I was on the Olympic All Star team in 2016 as a right wing.

I have participated in the following international championship tournaments: European Championships in 2010, 2014 and 2016. World Championships in 2015 and 2017. Olympics in 2016.

We claimed the fourth place at the World Championships in Germany in december 2017.


My sponsors

I work with a number of sponsors. These include Kempa, Vitamin well etc.

New sponsors

Through my social media at Facebook and Instagram, sponsors can reach out to my large group of fans.
Entering into serious partnerships with sponsors in ways that allow both parties to gain the maximum benefit from the working relationship is of great significance to me.
If you have an interest in having a working relationship with me as a sponsor, then please contact me at


When I have the time, I am quite pleased to appear at events. It could be autograph-signing, guest training at clubs or other handball-related activities. Contact me to hear more about the terms and conditions for participating in activities.

Social Media

My fans can follow me in detail on Facebook and Instagram. For me, it is important that my fans and supporters are able to follow the details of what is happening in my handball life. So I use Facebook and Instagram actively to provide insight into by life as a professional handball player.
If you would like to be a part of this universe as a sponsor, you are welcome to contact me to hear more about the possibilities.


Contact Nathalie Hagman

You can contact me by mail or via my Facebook page @hagman24

Contact PR manager Soren Knudsen at if its about press or sponsor request.